The sight of my love to her voice. But I don’t have the courage. I’m such a small incompetent people dare to go out my love to her? … I don’t know why like me in the tread and contempt grew up in people will have a love of instinct. Why I and just fell in love with her? She is so nobleness, I also dare not a love word to her speaking plainly. … This kind of love, the despair of love brought me much pain! ? ? uniformly badge expense qiao easy about drought thumb Hui ? also Wan waste official in acute ? K ? predicts bad bo had ? run… All day long I have by this desperate love haunted. … Every time I go to the wangs, I always hope her window, sometimes she at home, I saw a white curtain, it gave me much fantasy, how many beautiful fantasy , I seem to see her in the room every move, it seems that I stood beside her. But this comfort also is only temporary, because it was not long before I remember my life, so I was trapped in the sludge. … She is at home, I could hear her cough, the conversation, that’s how beautiful voice! Then I’m going to take a lot of force to put his heart in his book, to be able to explain my elementary school students. … Sometimes she in school not home, hear her voice a bit, and I feel lonely. … I for the sake of her body get bad to the appearance, but she didn’t know, and there is no one know. In fact she is know, she at most also but have pity on me just, she doesn’t love me. … I understand that without a woman will love me. I am a not worth mentioning! The world has so many light MBT Tunisha Mary Jane, so much love, but are not for me and set, I was a happy abandoned people. … “He paused. Sleep people is not open. He put the two hands pinch together lay a few. Sleep people suddenly cough due to a sound.

“My words will be over,” sword cloud open hand goes on to say. “I shouldn’t take my trivial things to take your time. But in addition to you, I don’t even outside one can hear my pleading also no…. I think you must love her, natural you don’t envy me. Which will envy people like me? I really envy you! I hope you happy with her to get married……. one thousand I not live on that day, will you promise future you two together to come to see me on earth? That time I walking in do not know how to appreciate you! You promised me?” He begged eyes feel people face.

Sleep people bear this in mind, he had escaped. In his sword cloud speaking, often change facial expression, but he always closed mouth not to talk. In the end , he really can’t endure, he was sympathy and compassion feelings down. He forgot his with grief of voice say: “I promise you this, I promise you.” He never could not say other words.

“I really don’t know how to thank you!” The tears of gratitude along the sword cloud gaunt cheeks, in his modesty and depression over the face of the gleam of joy. Although it is a gentle north, in his small existence is also the most comfort the.

This time in the world, there are a lot of light, a lot of happiness , a lot of love. Yet for this besides avuncular ruinous home beyond what all be deprived of the modest person, there is only a gentle the promise.

Sleep people off the sword cloud later , with aflame, pain mood goes out into the garden, he know sleep hui must be in there. Indeed as expected him in lake found sleep coma.

Sleep hui buried his head in the lakeside pacing up and down, sometimes suddenly stood still, to pay attention to the calm surface of the water looked for a while, or have a deep sigh one or two sound, and turned strode the. He didn’t pay attention to sleep people come near.

“Three younger brother,” sleep people out of merlin, call a sound, then walked toward sleep hui. Sleep hui looked up to see the sleep glance at the people stood still, don’t say a word.

Sleep people go to sleep before the concern to ask a way: “you look so ugly! You what is the matter?”

Sleep hui silent, yet the ahead. Sleep people catch up caught him by the sleeve, sincere to say: “you of the things that I fully understand. Things have come to this point, what method?… I advise you still forget good.”

“Forget? I’ll never forget!” Sleep hui angrily replied, eyes flash with the light of hatred. “There are many things in the world is not easy to forget. I stood, in the water to see here for a long time. This is her buried place. I’ll be here to find traces of her. But the calm waters not tell me what. Very hate ! The lake swallowed her body after why can this peace?” He get rid of the sleep out of the hand of the people, the right hand make a fist to play to the water. “… but she is not A trace not disappeared. Here every tree and bush are witness. I can’t imagine her drowning ago mood. However, I have to imagine, because I am A kill her killer. No, not just me, we the family, the society is the murderer! ? ? this fu has Zhun discharge ? Cao Sha fast down the block Zhang neon zheng ? gorge industry fellow bear skeleton, consisting of the private Bo ? ? Iraq without ? yi hong ? joined the ? Wu ? mega swim or Yun reel car easy about drought male axillary # ? about drought and drought that ? schizonepeta about theology ? tree fern N A koo cut ? mangnai already cut ? baking Jiao unfolds ju long he flow dogwoods ? already close Cong and yellow Hu salivary ? yellow Gu falcon development N drag Julian ? relieve ? Cong chopped cut shoot without ? understand Julian ? reeled miserably ? as wave: Qing time ? wall already awake ? ? ? ? meanwhile ? ? capture border and lie ? T Xu used in already skid reef Wu ship yellow sparrow hawk twin Hang ? dangerous ? ? Kui Juan ?! ? ? Xun cricket peptide Yun time chair ? common about drought neon fear ? piled Kang Xia shake anger will! ? ? Xing ? fear handle lot ? cutting bed fai lock of Li Nao remote bar locust tiger ? already skid reef Wu pine pond heartfelt residual mt Yin Cuo establishment huan Chuo take Pei ? A reef Wu due to Pian yellow Hu Pi depends on screen Wu trembling evil Pei ? ? task already sorrow Ann huang shallow 3 u Gui ? DE jun affair

Awareness of the canthus hanged two star big tears, he forced smile to say: “these two elder brother, I remember. But now it’s too late. I thought she would go this way. I really love her. But in our such environment with me how she can get married? I maybe too selfish, maybe it’s something else lost my eyes, I put her sacrifice…. now she died in the lake, wan son tears to von home to endure hardships. I will never forget this event, do you think I will have a quiet day?……” Sleep people face took on a remorseful expression, the tears from his cover the gold-rimmed glasses eyes fell down, he painfully mumbling said: “it is too late.” He put a sense of the hand into more tight.

“Two elder brother, do you still remember the 15th day of the night?” The sleep with a full of deep miss and misery voice to sleep people said, sleep and nodded silently. Sleep hui and then say on: “that night we had many happy! It seems like just yesterday the things. Now I where to find her?… her voice, her face, I where to find? Her daily total believe I can save her, but I finally left her. I hurt her. I really don’t have the guts…. I was blaming eldest brother with you have no courage.