The innovative recovery separation process of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is especially applicable for the dehydration of coal slime. It adopts heavy-medium cyclone. Tailings of magnetic separator are classified by the sieve band, and backwater is dealt by the floatation process. Coal slurry and floatation froth are carried by bowl centrifuge to recycle fine particles of 0.045mm. Coal slime whose size is under 0.045mm is recycled by pressure filter, while the filtering medium of centrifuge flows into the filter. The particle size makes a big difference to the performance of screen bowl centrifuge. Manufacturers at home and aboard reach an agreement that operators should control the proportion of fine particles under 40% in the mixture. If not, it easily causes products to block the discharge gate and affect its performance. So operators should mix the coal slime on the sieve bend with the floatation froth. Two advantages of that method are as follows. It can improve the performance of LWZ series centrifuge obviously; you need not to use a centrifuge which is specially for the dewatering of coal slurry, simplifying the technological process and saving investment.
In the separation process, the bowl centrifuge plays a key role.
1. The moisture of final products is very low, less than 15.24%.The miscellany rate of liquid is only 5.39%, that is, 94.61% of liquid in the slurry has been discharged.
2. The recovery rate of solid can achieve to 86.91%, which is a satisfactory index.
3. Dehydration equipment in coal-separation plants belongs to the scope of solid-liquid separator. Its technological effect should be evaluated from two aspects: the rate of recovery of solid products and the miscellany rate of liquid. When looking at the dewatering efficiency of bowl centrifuge, we should take the two indexes together. Experiments have improved that the dewatering efficiency of our machine has achieved to 81.52%. Hongxing Company is proud of its excellent efficiency for dewatering coal slurry whose size exceeds 0.045mm.
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