Business could be the spine of the U.S. economy. They account fully for a large proportion of job creation and growth of the economy. They’re the leaders for the culture. It’s free enterprise at work which our founding fathers created. I been among great section of my entire life and have have the utmost regard for small businesses. I’ve had my own, personal ups and downs in the business world, but I recall onetime somebody explained how fortunate I was. Yes, I replied, the harder I operate, the luckier I get.Did you know that 70 percent of all business losses are due to employee theft and buyer theft? I used to share with people discussing my restaurant knowledge that the sole people trying to steal from you were buyers, employees and suppliers-everyone else was sincere. It seems workers and customers see businesses as feeding troughs. It is a sad story but true.I notice constantly to stories from clients about how exactly their employees are attempting to steal from them. 2-3 weeks before a person called trying to find advice about an employee who was taking from her. She knew it absolutely was happening only could not capture her.Between the two people we chosen the air purifier invisible camera with DVR as the easiest way to resolve the problem. She was not also tech savvy therefore besides the ease of procedure of the machine and first class tech support she felt at ease.The images are recorded on an SD card for easy play. Just remove from the camera and place into your computer’s SD card reader. Easy enough?It isn’t any wonder her employee was caught by her with her turn in the cookie jar so to speak. Yet another success story of the concealed camera with DVR.When are you getting one?

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