Life, live forever! Long live chairman MAO ! The horse minister said: yi, you are brave ability? ! Heaven suddenly bundle horse minister, horse minister hurried, ovens, hands back bound, and carry satchel charges, he didn’t drive, and then toward the county group refers to the hammer party there run, county league means and hammer team also run loose, horse minister in shout: down with him! Down with him! Is a fat man could stick in ovens, hind legs bent, ovens, fell on the ground , but he stood up, at that time, the medicine after the tree in shout: to LianCai pool run, quick to LianCai pool run! Ovens, this just twist LianCai pool to run. He ran in the front, back followed all the people, there are county group refers to, hammer team, also have person in the village, apricot open did not move, she a butt sitting on the ground, woman drew her up.

Ovens, run over the branch secretary courtyard door buy mbt shoes online worldwide delivery, branch secretary’s wife has just come out of the door, end a basin hogwash going to feed the pigs, suddenly see ovens, carrying explosive steamed stuffed bun run, he said: in heaven, in heaven! Ovens, said: from some further, from some further! Branch secretary’s wife a pot of hogwash spilt up, she wants to douse the fuse, but not douse the, fuse in bursts rang bursts. Ovens, went running, watched the pool along, dong sound exploded dynamite. Branch secretary wife calls by explosion lift fell to the ground and what a heavy blow on her body, such as smoke soil are all gone, county league means and hammer team to look at the scene, branch secretary’s wife to climb up, she saw at her feet have a meat, a good first half long a meat, see the along while, just know that is a tongue.

Events of people death toll to four people, political training class fled away five people, county group refers to the team and a hammer, and fled and caught come back, injured a total of ten people. But nefarious ovens, finally also died. The horse minister and the tank want to be fear, learned, day and night sent someone in the village patrol, and political training class of people by kiln temple transferred to kiln field . The dog urine moss bound later, also with the political training class went to the kiln field. Woman went to the tank, said ovens, is the ancient furnace village people, he had to touch can be hidden in her home? As for the wooden club, the likelihood is ferial just thrown into the courtyard door, he is conveniently to take away. She said her composition is not good, when anything crops up hide not hide, which can participate in to rob the people, to her of what good? Since the dog urine moss bundle, and put into political training class, the children small, she can replace? The tank said: I also want to, and he is in heaven gate without also found your house, but the dog urine moss he gave the horse minister recruit, says he knows ovens, into the village, he is in the yard with wooden stick hit walnut, ovens, grabbed the wooden club in running. Woman cry way: the Eva zha nonsense? ! The tank said: horse minister too he didn’t report, in order to warn person in the village, the dog urine moss can only in the political training class for a period of la.

The dog urine moss is admitted he saw heaven, heaven is from his hand took the wooden club, but he stressed that woman does not know this matter, ovens, threatened no to anyone said, he didn’t dare to hammer team said, also has not dared to woman said. The horse minister said that you will pay some price, let the dog urine moss to feed the pigs. The kiln the political training class of all concentrated in a cave, and forced the day cloth house, ovens, home, four dogs home, and to transport the bud home pigs draw away, in kiln field in another a broken cave, have killed had a head, and three head let the dog urine moss day there hello, night sleep there.

The dog urine moss first in pig kiln in a cry, want to woman, also want to cow bell around, he is looking forward to woman can see him, a cow bell around also come to see him, but there hasn’t been to, also didn’t come to a cow bell around, they think, affirmation is to dare not to cow bell around, and there must be a hammer team don’t let, woman didn’t come also shows that they not be chased to woman. A pig is lying in front of him, a glimpse of a see him, he said: isn’t me to the woman will not come, I’ll put the woman? The pig said: Hui! The dog urine moss said: really? The pig said: HuiHui! The dog urine moss would feel relieved, wipe the tears, cry again.

Political training class is not out of the cave, and only come out to have a dinner, and eat a meal on the toilet, and the dog urine moss because to feed the pigs, dogs urine moss is free to out into. The dog urine moss quickly leg often, and others don’t play too him, often someone give him some chow mein, sweet potato film and ShiPi, he gave these things in a cave, want to woman, took out a little ate. The first night, the wind streaming ring, a cave only a heap of wheat straw, the dog urine moss took the wheat straw those who have to virtual virtual, and took out a hole, drilling to sleep. In the middle of a daze think wheat straw hole collapse, use hand to touch, the body side a meat and detached things, body there a meat and detached things, a foot pedal, and pedal a meat and detached things, know that it is three pigs is too cold, push to wheat straw to the hole. Come to come, wheat straw robot fall down, messy to cover on them, and he continued to sleep his. But, the dog urine moss later he butchered the pig away, because the pig in the snoring, the snoring like eating so loud, he couldn’t sleep. The pig away, still can not sleep, pig snore let him think of is so sweet! Then put those who eat of thing hidden in MaiCaoDui below. Hidden, he warned the pig: who will dare to steal to eat, see how do I pick up you! Pigs but hem lying to cave mouth there, the cucumber to wipe mouth any of the cave walls. The dog urine moss after all is not trust these greedy cargo, and from the MaiCaoDui took chow mein, sweet potato film and ShiPi, on the cave until the originally put the lamp of small kiln nest, can put in small kiln nest again afraid who come in found that grab a handful of wheat straw and cover.

Noon is the stove on the rice is cooked, county group refers to the team and a hammer are to have a meal, their dinner, and killed the pig have meat to eat, is that a man half bowl of meat, eat the corners of the mouth to the flow of oil, but they were in high spirits, saying the cultural revolution the benefits and looking forward to the great cultural revolution forever on, also looking forward to the red broadsword fled out can also come back, come back a killed one, his pigs can be perfectly justifiable to eat! Good food good food administration training class is mi, dog urine moss of course also eat, he sat in a cave look outside, he gave the pig said: eat what also is different e shit? Eat more, e excrement the smelly! Pigs are not look outside, they forehead cranial wrinkly, wrinkly deep lines. The dog urine moss immediately know they worry his fate, he no longer say what, the body back to the cave mouth.

County group refers to the team and a hammer people had lunch, began to give administration training class of person to cook, the dog urine moss will go to the kitchen there will give pig end slops, a flower is brush pot, said: you haven’t eat miles down to give the pig feed! The brush pot of water poured into the barrel, the dog urine moss said: that brush pot water have showings flower? To wear flowers look at every where no one, the half bowl but leftovers in the pail, whispered: of course showings flower, quick lift to go. The dog urine moss said: I don’t showings flower. To wear flowers said: ?? The dog urine moss said: can’t give pig drink showings of flowers, pigs eat lard? To wear flowers said: people kill miles, the pig still don’t eat lard flower? ! Quick mention go, pigs don’t eat you don’t eat? The dog urine moss will carry out the barrel, a flower standing in the kitchen at the door, loudly say: dog urine moss, you crushed condyle this to feed the pigs, I will bear the swill back to feed my family a pig!

The dog urine moss the barrel mention cave, three pigs hum to run to come over, dog urine moss said: don’t worry. He fished out from the barrels of the fall in the half bowl of food, radish, have sweet potato vermicelli, unexpectedly and a piece of hairy meat, he put the meat on the MaoBa, to eat together, and then put the swill fall in hogwash basin, the pig smells did not eat. The dog urine moss said: zha don’t eat, don’t want to see the lard flower? He put the bowl of the showings flowers with the mouth to blow, blow to the basin along, he want to blow out along the basin, but feel pity, want to get down to suck, and feel that, he said, are turned back and go, don’t look! The pig back all over the body, its tail in the shake, him very fast sucking the showings flower, again pig cried out to come over and say: I know you skeleton showings flower, I blow it to the ground, now drink. But pigs drank a few bites, they do not drink.

This noon, the dog urine moss in the expansion of the wheat straw sleep sleep, sleep saliva all out, he had a dream, the dream of pig in he said: we don’t feed, resolute don’t feed, eat, the more grow faster, the more the from kill not far away. Wake up see pigs, hogwash bowl of food really didn’t eat, three a pig all lie down there. He said: it is not eating? Pig a hum, hum to weakly. He said: “alas, you are a pig ? Is a pig had less to kill? Pigs suddenly in a cave disorderly jump made. The dog urine moss didn’t play them, nor scold them, and saw they get angry, can take watched looked at, the three pigs have is day cloth ovens, and MaShao, then got a fright, again see, pigs or pig, rubbing his eyes, think you look at the flowers, but thinking of the heaven and MaShao dead, that day cloth in what place, it is also died? Ancient furnace village of the dead are buried in the earth, the MaShao not buried, don’t know to still in stone mill there or into the beach, ovens, what also did not leave, days after the death of cloth it hard also buried in the village of ancient furnace with, they are like the three pigs , all want to buried in county group refers to the team and hammer the stomach?

The dog urine moss from the cave dwelling to come out, I do not know how, always go to zhongshan top hope one eye, the top of the hill without based, is not coated white pine (pinus bungeana), he stood there will stand half a day. He became more and more thought of political training class that a cave to see, he pretends to be to go to toilet, after the cave mouth, stop in looked at. Cave mouth guards will hoot: look what miles? !