Due to the growth of the world economy, development and application needs of the mining industry at home and abroad, China’s impact crusher impact crusher is also crowded into the export trade, with the improvement of domestic crushers’ quality, impact crusher’s export volume showed rising trend. But due to the lack of homegrown technology, domestic crusher in competition in the international market also does not have a very good condition, which needs to continue strengthening our production levels and breeding technology. So we mainly put the revitalization core of impact crusher on the development of technology and parts to improve the quality of the basis, and continue to raise the level of independent development.
Development of impact crusher in China has a long history, due to national experts’ constant innovation and improvement for equipment, in the face of strong impact of impact crusher in advanced foreign markets, our impact crusher has also achieved very good results and technological breakthroughs. With the continuous improvement and development of China’s science and technology, domestic industrial development environment has become increasingly convenient; this is one important reason for the rapid development of machinery manufacturing industry.
Impact crusher benefits from sound development environment and market demands, it has great progress in terms of technology and stable performance of the device, therefore, impact crusher products in China narrowed the gap with the advanced product in the world, which has entered the international market. But because the overall strength and experience in development of machinery manufacturing in China lags behind developed countries abroad and, therefore, crusher in the world are unable to dominate. This is the motivation that the industry needs to continue its efforts to develop power.
Henan Hongxing heavy industry is professional production of broken device of manufacturers, our company constantly makes efforts to research and develop technology, broken cavity of impact crusher is deep and no died area, which not only can effectively improve the ability of feeding material and yield, also can improve the crushing ration of device, it is one of the advanced domestic broken device, also, it has the strong competitive ability with the world advanced broken machine market.
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