Israelrejected concerted criticism from the United Statesand Europeon Monday over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Moncler jacket sale cheap  decision to expand settlement building after the United Nations’ de facto recognition of Palestinian statehood.

WashingtonurgedIsraelto reconsider its plan to erect 3,000 more homes in the occupied West Bank andEast Jerusalem, saying the move hindered peace efforts with the Palestinians.

Britain,France,Spain,SwedenandDenmarksummoned the Israeli ambassadors in their capitals to give similar messages.

An official in Netanyahu’s office  moncler down jackets saidIsrael would not bend. “Israel will continue to stand by its vital interests, even in the face of international pressure, and there will be no change in the decision that was made,” the official said.

Angered by the U.N. General Assembly’s upgrading on Thursday of the Palestinians’ status in the world body from “observer entity” to “non-member state”, Israel said the next day it would build the new dwellings moncler sale for settlers.

Such projects, on landIsraelcaptured in a 1967 war, are considered illegal by most world powers and have routinely drawn condemnation from them. Approximately 500,000 Israelis and 2.5 million Palestinians live in the two areas.

In a shift that raised the alarm among Palestinians and in moncler women coats world capitals, Netanyahu’s pro-settler government also ordered “preliminary zoning and planning work” for thousands of housing units in areas including the “E1” zone east ofJerusalem.

Such construction in the barren hills of E1 has never been put into motion in the face of opposition from Israel’s main ally, cheap moncler outlettheUnited States. Building in the area could bisect the West Bank, cut off Palestinians fromJerusalem and further dim their hopes for a contiguous state.