Shizi in those “dark Styx” fifty metres behind angel an ancient tree place, suddenly stopped, old trees in the back, he calm face staring at the front, dark eyes

shining light in.

“Dark Styx” any a star that ho, the practice of land have innate for, the shoulder cherubim silvermoon pattern of the Styx month make, but also has the “double

days to fix for the state, this force strength is too strong, rushed out words, perhaps to mourinho language such as future butterfly people around, he will be” dark Styx

“to easily cuisine.

Frowned, a series of idea in mind over quickly, in the search for the method above properly.

Five seconds, and his eyes are bright, creep who backpack took it down, wrapped in the soft cloth from the “erosion bone meal” carry palm, cat waist, he silently the

ground trees.

In the ancient branches of the slender, gently peristalsis with his body, a little bit toward albitite war close to the party.

“Erosion bone meal” is the name of the raffish salomon kalou cheap christian louboutin refined pharmacists,

refining the poison, it can be a physique acid hemp, cut the forces of the body, the efficacy of can last three hours, enough to change a battle.

“ZhaoXin! You go!” LuoHao crazy roar, hand broadly sword blu-ray yi yi, the force with one person, nearly ten “dark Styx” angel turned down.

“Jose mourinho miss!” ZhaoXin is also a pressing, stamp foot a way: “go!”

Mourinho language butterfly look quiet, look in the eyes is extremely strong, light way: “I don’t go, you stay one war, still perhaps can win, you three if all leave,

LuoShuJiu trapped next inevitable could not escape. Didn’t LuoShu, we never and” dark hades’, the final end or against.”

“Good! We will end the armorial bearing!” ZhaoXin also is the wise, listen to her so say, finally determination, drink a way: “di jalam! HuLong! Let’s go!

Three will mourinho language in the butterfly block, on the edge tool suddenly ride out toward the siege of LuoHao “dark Styx” angel ruthlessly shoot.

“In the past four people, give me with the three XiaoBei snack care.” Thereafter month make is wrinkly to knit the brows, cold voice command: “don’t damage the

mourinho miss, Lord’s orders, mourinho ho miss must be alive” please “back, can not have the a damage.”

“Be!”Four hades to drink a sound star sink, suddenly toward ZhaoXin three people away.

At this time!

With a slight different sound, and suddenly the head from the ring, the heart have alert on ho, jerk days head to look at, yelling 1: “good! Flash!”


Gray dust, such as bitter fleabane bitter fleabane drizzle general  coming down from heaven, will this

area over all, whether the “dark Styx”, or LuoHao, ZhaoXin, etc, all were the gray dust covered, no one could fluke.

The name on the reaction in time thereafter, take the lead in held his breath, quickly step back and back, but with a lot of body or gray dust. Dust has a singular penetration,

unexpectedly from him in the flesh penetrated into the body, hands and feet acid on that supported flax, under a heavy heart, and pure yuan burstling against.ZhaoXin, HuLong two

people hurried and ran to the grass, will mourinho language in the central butterfly.

Has been hiding in the bushes jose mourinho language butterfly, sorry to stand up and face the red glanced at a far above, a leading it.

But mourinho language butterfly aware of her immediately concern is redundant, peek into the later she found no toward her at albitite this direction into attention, dark eyes

are stared at the direction of the LuoHaoChong out, as if waiting in wait.

A big Sunday circulation, quickly in the physical go circle, the body of acid are a little relief of Massachusetts,

shizi calm face, side silent strength, pay attention to the side LuoHao that piece.

“Catch up! ‘clouds of fire demon python is dying,” with a little tight, don’t let it get away!”

“Put the arrow! Quick put arrow!”

“XiuXiu! XiuXiu whew!”

The nearby forest, came the sound of at, arrows in the air tripped rapidly, chasing the prey.