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A gas generator usually refers to a device, often similar to a solid rocket or a liquid rocket that burns to produce large volumes of relatively cool gas, instead of maximizing the temperature and specific impulse. The low temperature allows the gas to be put to use more easily in many applications, particularly to drive turbines. Gas Generator manufacturers are used to power turbo pumps in rocket motors, to deploy airbags, and in other cases where large volumes of gas are needed, and storing it as a pressurized gas is undesirable or impractical. Enerzia Power Solutions are pioneers in providing power solutions in the areas of renewable energy, Gas Turbines and Natural Gas Generators. Many people pull gas generators out of their garages and fire them up, but the solution is short-lived: With gas stations shuttered by the storm, the generators soon run out of fuel. But a few homeowners manage to keep their lights on and freezers cold as crews work to restore power, thanks to a new generation of generators that run on natural gas.




A gas-generator cycle can also specifically refer to a way of designing a turbopump-fed liquid rocket engine, where some of the propellant is burned to drive the turbopump, and the exhaust is dumped overboard (usually through a nozzle) instead of being fed into the main combustion chamber. Many liquid rockets are designed this way, for example the Saturn V F-1 and SpaceXMerlin engines. Usually, the propellants are burned in a highly fuel-rich mix to keep flame temperatures low — O:F ratios below 0.5 are common. Gas Generator manufacturers focus on going for dynamic designs of these engines viable to produce power with a range of gases available in the nature. And a natural gas generator can run on gas from biological sources (methane mined from decomposing landfill waste, for example) as easily as it can on natural gas mined from underground gas deposits. As the world shifts away from oil-based fuels to a broad array of more sustainable energy sources, more people and businesses are incorporating natural gas into their energy plans.


Another good example is the V-2 rocket, which used hydrogen peroxide decomposed by a liquid sodium permanganate catalyst solution as a gas generator. This was used to drive the main turbopump to pressurize the LOX-ethanol propellants. Gas Generator manufacturers have also been used to power torpedoes. Hydrogen peroxide is frequently used in such applications. Gas generators can be also used for powering of auxiliary power units and emergency power units. Hydrazine is often used as a fuel.Even mixed fuel generators are gaining prominence because of their versatility. We focus on up gradation of engine designs with the growing demand for these generators. Reduced environmental impact through lower carbon footprint, exhaust gas emissions without treatment devices, weather protected and sound attenuated package. Flexible power solutions that allows parallel grid supply, in island mode or for special purpose loads.