Russia is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. It is a must visit place if you want to witness some of the rich cultural heritage sites and vast natural variety of the world. 23 sites from the country are on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Many more sites are also there on the tentative list of UNESCO. Get Guided Tours To Russia and experience the country’s diversity in regions and ethnic cultures. You can also get the chance to taste the great variety of Russian cuisine and witness various Russian traditions like Russian banya, Tatar Sabantuy etc. Apply Russian Visa Application if you are a foreigner because foreigners do need to have Russian Visa and a valid passport before they enter the border of the Russia. Also the documents are required during the entire stay by the tourist.

Cruise and Rail in Russia

Russian tour is incomplete if you don’t get over a cruise and take the pleasure of riding on the Russian waters. Take a Moscow Cruise and go on the luxurious Cruise over the Russian water from the capital city of Moscow to St. Petersburg. The river cruise is a nice way to move from Moscow to St Petersburg by enjoying the beautiful scenery en route. These cruises take you along the Neva River, Lake Ladoga, the Svir River, Lake Onega, the Baltic canal, White Lake and the Volga River. You can also enjoy the Russian cuisine or other culinary delights from the ships restaurant on the cruise while you are on your way. The Moscow Cruise is also priced low but still provides very high level of quality which you can’t expect at such a price. How can one also forget the evenings with loved ones on the deck of the ship? The river cruise provides the perfect setting for a romantic evening underneath the stars floating in the sky and with gentle breeze blowing over the waters.

Guided Tours To Russia also recommend rail trips in Russia. One of the most enjoyable rail trip in the country is the train journey that takes place from Finland to Russia. The scenery that one watches through the window just enlightens the mood. The train passes from the scenic pine forests ad Russian villages, thus making the trip so beautiful. The trains also run very fast and are very comfortable too. The Helinki St Petersburg Train takes the tourist from Helinki in Finland to the St Petersburg in Russia. The train consists of 7 carriages and is available at different timing of the day so that one can choose the time according to his/her need. Top speed of the train is 220 kph.

Riding over a Cruise and Rail should be a must for any tourist visiting the beautiful country of Russia. Yes, it is just a mode of transportation but the journey will be such, that you will not forget it for your entire life. So get your Russian Visa, book a ticket and go and see the beauty of the country and experience a trip of a lifetime.

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