Excerpt from 7 Proven Laws of Success to Live a Prosperous Life – by John Di Lemme

I want you to circle the word Ownership so that you remember its importance. When you “own” something, it’s yours. The only way that someone can take it from you is if you give it up. You own the dream that’s inside your heart and you have the right to achieve that dream. The only way that it’s no longer your dream is if you give it up.

In 1969, my mom and dad noticed that I wasn’t speaking so they took me to the doctor. At the age of four, I was diagnosed with a speech impediment. The doctor told my parents, “Mr. and Mrs. Di Lemme, we believe your son, John Di Lemme, has a speech impediment.” They were speaking my future as a stutterer into existence with their words.

My parents enrolled me in speech class, where I remained for the next fourteen years of my life. I went to speech class, because society labeled me as having a speech impediment. Don’t feel one bit sorry for me. My adversity made me the man that I am today, and I would never have become one of the world’s greatest international, motivational speakers if it weren’t for my stuttering.

Many years of speech therapy and formal education didn’t teach me to go after my dream. The most important school that I graduated from was the University of Adversity. I accepted that stuttering was my adversity yet I did not allow it to define who I was or what I was going to become.

Whatever your adversity is, that’s where your blessing lies. Whatever is stopping you from find your Why in life holds the secret to your destiny. Instead of denying that your adversity exists and just hoping it goes away, accept it and then fight against it like a medieval warrior. That’s what I did with my stuttering. I accepted the challenge and then fought it with every fiber of my being.

I want my words to penetrate the fear that is holding you back and get down deep inside of you so that you fully understand that God chose you to be a champion. Your birth certificate gives you ownership over your life. It also gives you the right to live an abundantly overflowing, prosperous life full of joy and happiness.

If you are reading this and saying, “John, you don’t know where I come from. My family has always lived in poverty and never achieved anything.” Let me reassure you that there is no such thing as a generational curse. Just because your family didn’t take full ownership of their life doesn’t mean that you have to live in that same rut. It’s your decision to achieve more and take ownership of your life. Decisions change results.

Think of how many times you made a decision to do something that would change your life, and all of a sudden the big “but” stopped you. “But” cancels everything else out that you said before. For instance, “I am committed to building a multi-million dollar business, but…” Here’s a good one, “I want to say my affirmations every day, but…” Remember, when you allow “but” to come out of your mouth after making a life-changing decision, you instantly stopped yourself from actually following through with that decision.

You ultimately control the chances of how, when, or if you live a prosperous life. Why? Because you own it!

Author Info:-

In September 2001, John Di Lemme founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry. As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay on top of your game.