A Beautiful Mind skirt Fantasia
Mixed in this community, you must have skills. “Small ears of the skirt back sounded grandfather said,” Well, the outside world will not be very complicated and terrible? If one day I can learn style all their own, what to what, do not spend any air force that nice ah! “Think small skirt to feel elated, shining eyes.
01 I learned, I have to change the big wave of hair, change the package buttocks blue and white striped skirt, stepping on a black high-heeled suddenly become elegant and sophisticated, glamorous woman, the admiration of all people. Well, my grandfather said that the magical grandmother would be a trick to make a snap of his fingers to be able to change the way they want.
02 as long as five mountains are turned over, you can see the magical grandmother living in a tree house, as long as the leaves of her favorite flavor of strawberries is to bring, she will be responsive. Listen to my grandfather that magical grandmother was his first love, she has a glow forever the face of dynamic, cordial, pleasant smile, as well as a strawberry-like, sweet floral skirt, when is this one called him became a fan, moving the heart.
03 small skirt from just a small skirt began to follow Grandpa leaves taste of strawberry, this strange strawberry karen millen clothing long slow five years before this once fruit. Exactly the results of this year, you can see the magical grandmother. “Popping” a snap of his fingers can handle everything, it is perfect time together, I look a Symphony flounced dress, beautiful lotus sleeve, lively bow romantic color, is really awesome.
04 mountain grass the smell of the tree greatly, particularly blue-blue sky, white clouds are particularly light. Fluttering the Huhu like into the wonderland, happy little skirt stretched limbs, beautiful skin print chiffon dance with the wind, the white body that is more pure than the cloud, a moment of Huang God, I feel so good.
05 However, the wind stopped, his thoughts are back. “No, I can not give up halfway.” She bite the big bang to climb the rest of the two mountains, tree house still standing in front of, magical grandmother sitting  on the following swing, she was not the grandfather says, is a strawberry-like sweet, but the mosaic of delicate lace flowers and light chiffon dresses, like a noble black swan.
06 skirt flew run offer the fresh leaves of strawberry, a magical grandmother saw the strawberry, unconscious eyes moist, to ascertain the small guests had come, they seriously the teaching of skills, you have to concentrate on thinking about their own the way of the dream, then so … small skirt to learn quickly, “pop” a clear voice sounded, success! The round neck of the petals, romantic chiffon pleated purple skirt, butterflies fluttering, really break the cocoon into a butterfly.
07 she was pleased to Grandma winked his eyes, a “pop” doll neck Polka Dot skirt lovely interpretation of the head, when she happily turning circle, the “flap” or two, everything goes back to original , the dream is easily broken, a small skirt or skirt. The grandmother Zhaoyan ring on her, said: “My child, my grandmother is immersed in the focus on their own fantasy dream world while ignoring your grandfather, I have been waiting for him to send the strawberry, as long as he is  a snap of his fingers, I would be reinstated, but He seemed to want me to come out and snap of his fingers gave not only give the appearance you want you should have the temperament and a strong heart. dream needed from the reality ah! “