Sleep disorder or Somnipathy , is a condition where person suffers from abnormal sleeping habits. Sometimes this condition becomes so serious that it starts interfering in person’s day to day life. It can affect them physically, mentally and emotionally. Person suffering from sleep disorder will feel tired all day and will drop concentration level. Sleep disorder can take away all our happiness from life and therefore it is important to start sleep disorder treatment at the earliest. General remedies like trying new position, changing place and pillows can help us in getting sound sleep but in case irregular sleeping continues, it is suitable to look for sleep disorder clinics and take professional help.

In this competitive world, sleep disorder is a common problem faced by working professionals. Increase work load, bad eating habits, wrong working hours, stress, sedentary habits, age and physical illness are some of the reasons why sleep disorder is getting popularity these days. People suffering from this problem approach sleep disorder clinics to get sleep disorder treatment.

While taking a professional advice, it is important to look for sleep disorder clinics that specialize in all sleep disorder treatment. The clinic has to be somewhere close to your locality so that you save the commuting time. It is also important to check all the facilities provided by the clinic as they might ask you to sleep there for 1 or 2 days in order to monitor you. It is also advisable to take feedback from people who visited this clinic for sleep disorder treatment. There advice can help you in getting the sleep disorder treatment from the right place.

These sleep disorder clinics will perform a sleep study on you. This study will record physical state during sleep stages.  These clinics will usually give night appointments. They will also ask for your medical history. Before sleep test, doctor will go through your entire medical history. During sleep test you will be constantly observed by specialists and based on their observation you will get the requisite treatment.

In the 20th century importance of sleep was recognised and since then lot of emphasis is given on balanced diet, regular exercises, practicing yoga and meditation. Apart from prescribing medicines various relaxation techniques like body massage, jogging and other sport activities are recommended by specialist to rejuvenate our body, mind, and relax body muscles as well. These activities relieve us from stress and hence get us good amount of sleep.

ASDI represents an experienced and a highly dedicated group of professionals headed by Dr. M. S. Kanwar, a pioneer in sleep medicine in India. Dr. Kanwar has an impeccable experience of 23 years in this comparatively newer field of medicine, first abroad, and now in India (since 1995). His experience in large teaching referral hospitals abroad and in India is as long as 38 years in Respiratory Medicine and 27 years in Critical Care. He is one of the most experienced sleep specialists in Asia, who has treated over ten thousand sleep-disorder patients. He has personally scored or re-validated sleep studies of several thousand of patients. He has dedicated himself to this field of expertise that requires an overwhelmingly high amount of time being invested just to look into the patient data (A thousand page data at an average in every study) before reporting. Patients approach Dr. Kanwar and ASDI from different parts of the world, including the neighbouring countries, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Excellent study procedures and high class report generation has led to a patient influx even from Europe and North America. A lot of patients approach Dr. Kanwar for a second opinion. Dr. Kanwar has been the founder of the three-bedded Sleep Lab at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi and continues his practice there. The sleep lab started at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi that Dr. Kanwar set up on his return from abroad was widely regarded as being the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art advanced facility in Asia in the year 1995-96. He and his team have been dealing with the most complex cases with excellent and gratifying results.

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