Has been in the international advanced wrist watch U Boat have exalted position in the market, more than 140 years is committed to producing quality excellent senior meter; The rooted in Rhine river table factory, in profound tradition, keep improving, launch innovative mechanical watches, and most of all is made by hand. These made in the U Boat watches all mix the good reputation, exquisite table factory specialist qualifications and remarkable technology http://www.housesinsa.com/replica-u-boat-watches.html, thus forming a unique temperament, to all over the world watch connoisseurs in love. Each U Boat, both on behalf of the wearer with self-affirmation declaration, also visible symbol of their achievements. Engineer series is one of the representative product of the U Boat, it reveal solid superb technical achievement, even in the most extreme cases, the performance is still unabated. First engineer automatic watch appeared in 1955, lay the ground for tabulation technology breakthrough. Before this, U Boat has through its revolutionary bielefeld feed pawl chain system successfully marched on the Swiss watchmakers industry pioneer, for creating the first two-way automatic movement. To transfer electromagnetic field surrounding the wrist watch case, movement be safely device in a magnetically inner is equipped with soft iron dial soft iron. Watch out in 1989, engineers have for every 500000 ampere meters coercive force, in other words, it is enough to completely protected in high magnetic field, and the record has yet to be broken.

Today, the engineer wrist watch series is still seen as a strong and durable, powerful wrist watch, it in the face of rapid temperature change and sudden acceleration or deceleration, still as usual, stride. When the central design more settle jewels shockproof system, resistant to strong vibration and impact, run completely unaffected. The special topography, the wrist watch series have inherited from engineer SL, which debuted in the 1970 s style. This series, which have been equipped with all the outstanding design elements, including: the five great drilling, surface of the outer ring diamond pattern, and lightning flashing “Ingenieur”. Wrist watch U Boat’s engineers made especially for those who dare to face the challenges of the extreme, they fear will self ability pushed to the limit, and completely dependent on their chosen at any time.

Including automatic watch earth mission, engineers (model 3236) is any form of outdoor activities when reliable companion, whether you wore it adventure wild Alaska ice across Africa, the amazon jungle, or desert, it can be competent completely, keep strong and reliable performance. Part of the reason is that U Boat homemade machine core, its device with a one-piece shock absorption system, coercive force 80000 amps per meter. In addition, it’s stainless steel watch case with side panels and prevention screw-plug BiaoGuan, waterproof properties is 12 (120 meters), optional stainless steel bracelet or black rubber strap. As for the large engineer timing wrist watch (model 3784), when used as a timing, points with coaxial double needle display inside dish, copy is like the second time in the lot stopping time is easy to read the wearer plate, and the the central button to stop the second hand to measure up to a minute. Based on the wrist with functions of fly back, when press the reset button, timing pointer immediately fly FanGui zero, a new timing working. Internal design, U Boat type homemade 89360 movement by high-performance U Boat on double pawl chain drive system, can be stored for up to 68 hours in a short time. Surface diameter of 45. 5 mm large engineer wrist watch (model 5005), absolutely able to attract envy eyes watch connoisseurs. Its large size has the actual effect, make the watch case can hold the bielefeld, automatic chain device and heavy power reserve of 51113 type movement for seven days. Watch of wrist of transparent sapphire crystal glass table bottom cover, and provide a platinum and rose gold case with silver surface, or on the surface of the stainless steel watch case on black style.