Even as a young child I always liked female clothes, accessories and jeweleries. I wanted to try it but didn’t have courage to confess it to mom. I kept my feelings secretly for many years. With time I felt a strong urge, But the problem was I knew mom wouldn’t allow me and I knew I wont be able to hide but I desperately wanted to dress as a women. I knew I had only two options whether to give up my dreams or to tell mom openly. I decided to tell mom, I went near and said “Mom would you mind if I too  get dressed like you all. Straight away mom said you are a boy and what about your social status. Again I said mom I can live as your daughter I am ready to transform me to be one among you. I was very scared after I finished the line but mom to my surprise agreed. Mom asked shreya to give me her dress and see how it works. I felt a bit excited now I was going to experience something new. Shreya gave me her kurthi and the materials were limited it didn’t work out. Mom said no this will not work. I felt disappointed but shreya promised to help me. Female Escort in Delhi

Next day after lunch she took me to market to buy female clothes and after that to the parlor where she used to go frequently. She explained the lady there everything, even that lady was excited it was real test of her skills. She started by removing my hair and giving a gentle massage to my body. Once the hair was removed, she pierced my nose and inserted a nosering.  I went inside and changed my dress a wore a nice kurthi. The bra had forms so it looked like real breasts from outside. Then she the started making my eyebrows. She also added fake eye lashes to my eyes. After that she started my makeup, my cheek looked pink and my skin too looked fair. After Makeup was over I put bangles, earrings, nosering was already there. I was sure mom wouldn’t be able to recognize me. I thanked that lady for her wonderful contribution. And we went home Mom was surprised she said ” I have two daughters now who look similar”. I was so happy mom had accepted me as her daughter. Things slowed down a bit i started helping mom in house activities. Mom said you seem to be more interested to learn all these cooking, cleaning things and you are submissive too I am sure you would be a very good wife. I just ignored mom and carried on doing my work.
One day Sherya’s friend Deepa came to visit our house, she didn’t recognize me and asked Shreya, Shreya said he is my brother and off late he is my sister. OMG she looks lovely doesn’t she Deepa exclaimed.
I felt shy and rushed to my room. I looked myself at the mirror and imagined how I would look as bride. How would be the feel like waiting for your husband on Suhaagraat or it will be just a dream? I had a lot of questions but not any answers at all. As I was lost in my thoughts Deepa came into my room and asked if I would like to go to her house. I already had got the feeling she had started liking me as a girl. We went to Deepa’s house her Mom and Dad were away. She took me to her room and asked for how long I have been like this, I replied for 3 Weeks. She asked me if I had any plans for the future I said no cause I didn’t have any. She said I want to marry you, you are very beautiful even my parents will accept you as my wife. I didn’t know what to say so I just stood silent. She told she will talk it with my mother. Shiver ran down my spine. I knew Deepa didn’t say it as a joke she was serious in her words. I was feeling shy as I left her house. I went home for there but I really wasn’t able to concentrate on my way to home. When I reached home mom greeted me with a smile. I asked her what was the reason for that smile. She told me Deepa’s parents are coming tomorrow to fix our marriage. Deepa had already called mom and informed her when I was on my way. I was not sure what to do, someone accepting me as her wife was a compliment for me but I was not sure that I would be able to fulfill my husbands wishes. I asked mom do I fit in really as a Women/Wife. Mom said don’t worry dear slowly you will learn to manage everything you are a fast learner and have already impressed a lot so don’t worry about that. Mom’s words made me relax a bit.
Next morning I prepared myself with a bit of make up and wore a new Salwar Kameez and placed a dupatta over my head which my mom did.  Deepa’s Mom and Dad were pleased when they saw me. They told cause they wanted a son and before Deepa was a full grown up girl they used to dress him as boy. They said they have always treated Deepa as their son but were a bit afraid of the future so they gave up on their dream of making Deepa their son but now since they have a DIL, Deepa can continue as their son. Earlier I had a bit of worry thinking both of doing things not natural to us can make our lives happier I knew it was very important for us to understand our roles and duties. My mother had helped me a lot in these few days. Our marriage was fixed everyone of us were happy.

Soon I was going to be a bride finally, my mom taught me few extra things so I could please my MIL. As the date of marriage was arriving we had a lot of shopping to do. Me my mom, sister and MIL went together. My MIL was not happy with my nose piercing and she asked me to pierce my left side saying in their family have it in left. I couldn’t deny my MIL so I got my Left side also pierced when we were buying Jewellery.  We bought a Ghangra for the wedding day.  Days passed very quickly with all the thrills and excitement visiting here and there. Just before the wedding day I nearly spent a whole day on the parlor. Soon it was the wedding day..
I woke up and took a bath and did some praying as it mandatory for brides to do so. After few hrs the lady from the as everything had been done just yesterday, she was here for just to do my make up and accessories. She applied foundation first and did a bridal makeup, I had watched some videos of bridal makeups. She was near to perfect and my face was glowing nobody could even imagine I was not a girl. After that I wore the Ghangra helped by her it was heavy but beautifully designed I was feeling happy to be wearing it. After that she added some jeweleries, necklace, earrings, bangles and inserted nosering and attached the chain down to hair with clips. I had a stud on right and big bridal nath on left of my nose. Finally I was ready as a bride she placed a dupatta over my head. And I was escorted to the mandap for the rituals, Deepa was looking very handsome as a groom. As it was simple function there was not too much of hassle. And after Rituals it was time for me to go to my husbands house to live as his wife forever. We sat in the car and left for  my new house. the greeting there was grand. After few chats and rituals I was escorted to our newly decorated room. Everything was so well decorated I couldn’t have asked for more. Soon Deepa arrived she said she is happy to finally have me as her wife. I was pleased to hear that specially from my husband. Deepa slowly lifted my veil, i closed my eyes cause I was feeling too shy to make and eye contact. She praised me for my beauty it eased the tension a bit. Deepa asked me to kneel and give her some satisfaction now time had come to surrender to my husband. She didn’t allow me to touch her I did it orally. After she was satisfied she told me to stop and now she removed my clothes and started kissing me passionately it didn’t took longer for me to reply her. Soon both of were having a outstanding time. We slept and round about at 3 am I was woken up as I felt a something between my thighs. I noticed my husband was trying to penetrate me I gasped as she pushed the Rubber *****. She was gentle with me until it started going smoothly soon the moans of pleasure came from us. It was indeed a delightful moment for me something I cherished. She asked me if I was satisfied with a great delight I replied yes. I rested on her chest she caressed my hair and cheeks. I was felt being loved in my husbands arms..