An electronic product design service company caters to the needs of embedded system design, software design, product design, PCB designs. Most of these firms offer high quality or board level engineering designing services. Reputed electronic product design service companies have expertise in a wide range of embedded systems and product applications. By using this expertise, the electronic product design service company helps customers to finish their projects on time. Also, they provide on-going product support to make sure that all is well in the organization. Having a good electronic product design service provider, companies can focus on target segmentation, branding, marketing of the product, while the electronic product design service company focuses on the development of the product.

Under embedded system design, the electronic product design service companies provide microcontroller and software development, wireless, analog and digital circuit design. Under software design, the electronic product design service companies provide application specific and GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for network control. Under product design, the electronic product design service companies provide mechanical and electronic product design right from initial concept to prototyping to production.

There are many defense electronics design consulting companies that are providing highly specialized services. Most defense electronics design consulting companies provide PCB design and fabrication services as per the guidelines provided by the defense department. When providing the guidelines and requirements, the defense departments need to be very elaborate in their requirements. When accurate design inputs are provided, the defense electronics design consulting companies can provide accurate quotations and also determine the layout costs.

Most military grade PCB assembly services will ask several questions before they start the design for the PCBs. Some of these questions are: What is the deadline for the complete layout? Do you have a complete and final schematic design? Do you have a bills of materials that identify each part to be used in the schematic design? Do you have the mechanical dimensions of the PCB footprint? What is the board shape? What are the mounting-hole locations? What are the critical path locations? Do you have a document that defines the high signal currents and/or high voltages? Do you have any special design considerations? What is the operating temperature? What are the critical component keep-out areas? What is the critical signal placement? Do you have information on matched line lengths, nose sensitive areas, power/ground planes, split planes, compliance markings, high voltage areas, test points, etc.

After you provide the inputs for the PCB design, the Military grade PCB assembly Services will provide you with a fixed or variable price layout quotation. This quotation is based on the deliverables and the job completion requirement.

A typical PCB design and assembly service company will have a multitude of deliverables. Some of the deliverables are all Gerber files, project files, PCB job files, PCB library files, fabrication files, fabrication notes, pick and place automation files, primary vendor sheet, data sheets, bill of materials, and assembly drawings. The formal schematic drawings are optional deliveries for the PCB design and assembly project.

Electronics manufacturing companies are at the realm of success these days. Their success is mainly attributed to the customer service and high quality products. A typical electronics manufacturing company caters to a wide variety of sectors including the defense sector. Defense electronics manufacturing is also in full swing and has seen an augmented growth in the last few years.

Most electronics manufacturing companies have state-of-the-art facilities that can manufacture almost all electronics goods and equipment. The electronics manufacturing companies can design and develop PCBs right from domestic electronic appliance PCBs to military grade PCB. In the UK, there are some very good electronics manufacturing companies that specialize in surface mount and thru-hole printed circuit boards with very high precision and accuracy.