After three month’s downturn in steel market, ushered a new period of steel price rising. Continuous price rise and down in steel market brought fluctuations in metal ore market. Domestic steel market and spot ore price mutually hold in play, continues heating up of steel market urged spot iron ore prices to rise step by step, the rising price of spot ore in turn supports the steel price in aspect of basic cost. For mechanical manufacturers, rising steel prices means increased costs, in the same way machinery product price is raising.
Raw materials of stone crusher, ball mill, flotation machine, magnetic separator are steel. Now the price of steel used by crusher has already risen from an average of 620 USD/ton to 690 USD/ton. With rising price of raw materials, crusher prices will rise. As a kind of mining equipment, crusher is related to a lot of sectors, such as steel, plastic, coal, etc. But steel remains main materials, so the floating of steel prices directly affects the selling situations of crushers. Generally speaking, the cost of steel takes 40%-45% percent in manufacturing crusher, the main material of crusher spare parts is also steel, so, the cost of steel is more than 50% of the cost to produce a set of crusher, this is also the reason that most engineering machinery companies are sensitive to steel price.
It is expected that price of steel will remain high for a period of time, so the price of crusher during this period will rise compared with early time. The product quality is an essential point for manufactures to stand steadily in the market, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery produces the crusher equipment with the materials from Shanghai Bao steel mill, Hongxing Company strictly control the quality of products, we rely on quality to do market extension, rely on the first-class service to lead the market. To create the first-class brand is unremitting pursuit of Hongxing Company.
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