Staring at the way which andalusite vanity, pine war can not help a slight say with smile: “little absorb dark force element speed and fast a lot.”

“Hurry up good.”

War feihong snort, depressed ways, “take this fire, and dark sea all drained just good”

War pine several people simmer with laughter, but also didn’t put the war feihong this sentence really angry sea to absorption clean.

Just like now, NieKong practice for more than two months, from the fire source to absorb the innumerable elements grain, but the fire but no narrow.

Watch for a moment, war pine several people and shape such as mbt outlet unpainted clay idol woodcarving, sit still, only war feihong one in that jabber incessantly…

, a little white flash out, and expanded rapidly, is a white man as from a distance, face vaguely like be a layer of cloud cover.

He is just war family of laozu war borders.


Sticky water a wave, low blare song suddenly sounded. Tight with sound, is dark beast PangShuo figure, six long feelers beaten, such as sea water puddle to surge billow, above the tentacles against the disc of green body, very strange.


become some surprise up, “this is… ghostdom breath?”

Body is like a white time, war borders of the moment through three hundred meters space, came to the big square altar, a huge black hole impressively printing into the eye, the statues is suspended in quietly in the cave, but sculpture feet that piece of dark deep space. But in strongly undulation, the sound of thunder still reverberating, seems to have countless growl in vibration cyclotron.


The incisive cry echoed the suddenly.